Essence Sleepwear has the most abundant wholesale loungewear. To meet the most extensive needs of global sleepwear customers, we maintain the most abundant wholesale loungewear inventory. Our collections range from pajamas to women’s t-shirts and hoodies, reflecting the trends and highlights of the current global fashion scene! You can meddle with anything, and we provide you with a variety of options. Loungewear is available in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors, sizes, cuts, and silhouettes. This is how we keep our catalog fresh and large to meet every requirement.

Why are we the leading factory of loungewear?
We have successfully become a leading wholesale loungewear factory, and we only provide high-quality products to our clients. First-class fabrics and environmentally friendly materials combine cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce the widest variety of loungewear. Premium quality is put on the market with the characteristics of breathability, comfort, durability, and resistance to fading. In this way, We give the wearer the most comfortable experience.

We are a famous supplier of customized loungewear
Understanding the different and specific needs of our customers, we are committed to taking care of their changing needs. What’s more, we provide simple, extensive, and flexible customization options. to attract your customers, You can turn your personalized design into charming products. Custom pajamas are more attractive to your customers than standard t-shirts on the market.

If you are not sure what style is most suitable. we provide customized services for small orders. You can place a small batch order to test the market’s response before placing a large order. We have a lot of positive feedback from customers, they find that customized pajamas are very suitable for the market and keep coming back for more.

Essence is not only a wholesale center that provides high-quality loungewear but also continues to serve customers after the transaction is completed. While striving to meet the needs of bulk buyers from all over the world, we are also committed to providing support for designers and new businesses. Not long ago, we received an email from a US customer and told us that he was very grateful to Essence. Because he was unemployed due to the COVID-19 in 2020, with our support, he has his own Amazon store and now even employs 2 part-time employees. Customer success has always been our greatest happiness.

let us be your partner of loungewear, for further information or placing a bulk order, feel free to contact us.

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