5 Most Popular Night Robes of the Year

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5 Most Popular Night Robes of the Year

A night robe is a loose garment worn to cover the body while sleeping. The lightweight material allows one to stay cool during hot nights, making it ideal sleepwear for summer.

The most common materials used are cotton or silk. A nightgown can be sleeveless or have long sleeves with matching panties available as options. There are also gowns designed keeping men in mind, which come with built-in pyjama pants ensuring convenience and comfort. This kind of gown is usually preferred by older people who find bending difficult during middle-of-night trips to the lavatory.

A night robe doesn’t have any fasteners like buttons, zippers, etc., but rather falls naturally into place due to its looser fit. It comes in various colors, prints, and fabrics to suit one’s taste and budget.

The most commonly preferred colors are light shades such as cream, pink, etc., with subtle floral prints which add a feminine touch while going easy on the eyes. Darker shades like black or red may also be preferred to make it suitable for formal occasions or as clubwear around the house.

There is a popular belief that wearing nightgowns can cause yeast infections because of the fabric residue left behind on the skin after washing. But there has been no scientific proof backing this claim, thus eliminating any worries from those who prefer sleeping naked without worrying about cold or draft at night during winter!

Summertime is the best time for nightgowns since they are lightweight materials keeping the wearer cool, but it doesn’t mean you cannot wear them during other seasons.

The following list is compiled of the most popular night robes for 2013. There might be more choices available out there, but these made their mark on the market and thus deserved to be mentioned:

1. Black and red pyjamas

Pyjamas are the most comforting wear at night. When you wear soft and comfortable pyjamas, it feels like you are in heaven. Wearing this type of clothes make us more relaxed, and we feel we want to sleep all day long. We can also add some style to wearing pyjamas by adding a modern design, such as a black and red-zippered sateen satin short sleeve robe. It is one of my favorite robes, especially when I feel bad because of the cold weather outside. There is nothing great than wearing a warm and cozy robe while watching television inside my room during winter nights.

2. Peignoir with lace hem

There are also some peignoir designs that you can always use when you feel like a celebrity.  They may look similar to our pyjamas, but they have different colors and styles. They are not just for sleeping because some Hollywood celebrities wear them during red carpet events. If you have sleek lingerie or nightdress, it is better to choose the more conservative color of white or black to be easy to mix and match your clothes with other accessories. Moreover, you can also wear a silver Figaro chain with it, if you plan to have a night party at home with your friends and family.

3. Colored robe

The colored robes include pink, blue, red, etc., all of which are worn by women or girls nowadays, especially teenagers who get crazy about how they would look in their clothes at night before going to bed. Some might use it as a dressing gown, while some women wear it as pyjamas. Either way, these colored robes are so adorable to use when you want to feel young, even at this age.

4. Cotton bathrobe

If you think women are just wearing robes, you’re wrong because some men wear traditional robes, especially if worn since their childhood days. They prefer cotton material because it is soft and thick enough to keep them warm despite the strong cold weather outside of their homes. Just choose a design or color that will suit your taste or preference. You can choose between plain colors like white, pink, blue, etc. or go for the more decorated ones.

5. Flannel robe

The flannel robes are not popular, but some women still prefer to wear these clothes at night because they are warm and can be worn longer than other types of robes. If you have been using cotton or silk robes, try switching to this kind of material with soft texture, enough length so you won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing them, and thick enough to keep warm while sleeping during winter nights. But before buying one, better check your home’s temperature first so that you will know how thick your clothes should be to keep yourself from coldness at night.

Wrapping Up!

As you can see, nightgowns are great clothes to use at night. You can choose what best suits your taste and preferences according to the season or weather outside. As for me, I prefer using a colored robe because it is much easier to match with my pajamas and slippers.

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