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Grace is the Top bamboo pajamas supplier in China. We are a professional manufacturer of pajamas and loungewear for more than 20 is more than a sleepwear and loungewear manufacturer, we partner with the best in the industry to co-create. this way we offer our customers the best pajamas while keeping sustainability in mind.

The range of products includes pajama, loungewear, robe, nightshirt, nightgown, onesie, jumpsuit, maternity clothes, romper, baby suit. whether you like timeless style, special fabric, or unique color. we have got a professional design team that can meet all your needs. more and more amazon sellers, website operators, and well-known clothing brands choose Grace as their supplier. we aspire to make business easier. work with us, really easy. with simple and systematic ordering processes, Grace has been able to greatly reduce costs and save time for you.

Benefits We Work For You

See how the Top pajama manufacture can help you increase the business

wholesale pajamas retailer

For Retailer

We are not only a wholesale pajamas factory but also the marketing consultant can help you become the winner in the sleepwear market.

24/7 customer service

To be one of the best sleepwear vendors,We have dedicated R&D department and design team,and offer 24/7 customer service. Let Us Take Worries Away And make your work easier.

Flexible Customization

Our technicians from wholesale pajamas factory are skilled and experienced,we can meet any customized needs with tendy sleepwear you will easily create a hot product .

On-time Delivery

Our strict order management systems ensure we finish each step within the prescribed time frame.

Quality Assurance

From sourcing raw material to final sleepwear, our quality assurance officers ensure every sleepwear meets high-standards.

Professional marketing

As a reliable wholesale pajamas factory. We are sharing marketing information and sales date to our customer like you. we always behind your back and have assisted many pajama brand grow bigger.

For Wholesaler


Looking for a reliable pajama and loungewear manufacturer? Partner with our wholesale sleepwear factory to grow your business.

Competitive wholesale pajamas price

As a professional China pajamas factory, Grace has rich production and management experience in the sleepwear and loungewear industry, which allows us to offer attractive pricing tiers for larger orders. just enjoy better profits as your business grows with us.

Stable Supply

We have 140+ skilled workers working in our pajamas factory and
produce more than 75000 pcs of stock and custom made pajamas per month.

Consistent Quality

We strictly control every step of the sleepwear production process, making sure every sleepwear is professionally manufactured.

One-stop Solution

Get everything you need to be made under one roof. Save time and money from dealing with multiple suppliers.

pajamas wholesaler
wholesale sleepwear designer

For Startups & Designers

Hard to find the right sleepwear manufacturer to Turn your design into a product?
Grace support emerging brands and aspiring fashion designers who struggled to look for the right factories to launch their businesses.

Free Consultation

Sales representatives in our sleepwear factory know everything about our pajamas and production processes. They also know the sleepwear market well. They will assist you in getting your business up and running.


To reduce your inventory risk, the customized MOQ is just 100 pieces per design

Wholesale sleepwear Price

At the beginning of your business, sleepwear cost is key. We will support you by providing the wholesale pajamas price, allowing you to open up your pajamas business quickly, affordably, and efficiently.

100% customizable

As an expert sleepwear manufacturer, we do custom pajamas according to your requirement. The style. fabric, color, print, size, and label are all acceptable for customization.


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Our Customer Said

From Idea to Reality

We help you turn ideas scattered on napkins into reality!

Why Grace

Whether you want to be the next prominent fashion entrepreneur, or you just want to be an online pajamas retailer, finding the proper manufacturer is critical to your success. We are the top-rated wholesale pajamas factory in China. For retailers, wholesalers and designers, Grace can proudly declare that we are the final destination of manufacturing. Our product categories include pajamas, loungewear, sleepwear, nighty, nightdress, nightgown, nightshirt, robe, onesies, jumpsuit, family pajamas, Christmas pajamas, matching pajamas. We also added plus-size pajamas to our collection. we produce every kind of homeware. They meet all ages of fashion lovers.

Today’s wholesale pajamas industry is full of external commercial pressures, such as the market’s demand for cheap products, the increased pressure to meet the delivery date, and the market’s need for a personalized design. These pressures prompt Grace to constantly look for new points to make us stand out.

● Save your money
● Save your time
● Nice service
● Fully customized
● Design first
● Keep innovating
● High quality
● Stable supply
● Environmental friendly
● Good partner

1. Save your money
Grace has always been the most respected wholesale pajamas manufacturer in the global apparel industry. We can provide you with the best quality wholesale pajamas at an incredible price.

Compared with other wholesale pajamas suppliers, The price of our products may not be the lowest on the market. But if the products and service are the same, we can always give you the most attractive price.

In the same way, at the same price, we give our customers the best products and services, that’s why we can quickly become one of the best wholesale pajamas manufacturers.

2. Save your time
Consolidating our position as the top wholesale sleepwear factory, Grace maintains long-term cooperation with world-class logistics companies, we ensure shipping the most incredibly bulk pajamas to your doorstep on time. So you can seize market opportunities in time and get more profit.

3. Nice service
As a leading wholesale pajamas factory, Grace has a complete customer service and after-sales service system. We have always been committed to maintaining the highest standards in line with the international clothing market, providing our customers with the most amazing pajamas and effective customer service.

4. Full customized
Looking for customized pajamas for your store? Great, You got to the right place! you can contact our design team and meet your own personalized pajamas needs. With advanced technology and high-end production equipment, we ensure that we can produce customized pajamas suitable for you at an affordable bulk price.

5. Design first
Every pajama should have a distinctive feature that will make it attractive to customers. These features are called design. since product design is the first impression of the customer. Therefore we pay great attention to product design. Size, fabric, color, Logo, packaging, and styles, etc. These can be designed according to your requirements.

As an innovator of unique designs, In addition to providing a full range of design services, we also like to work with talented new artists to help their designs reach a wider global audience by turning their designs into products. Whether you are a professional artist or a design school student, you are more than welcome to join our family.

6. Keep innovating
Grace Sleepwear has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we use the latest technology to develop high-quality pajamas. In my opinion, Grace is more than just a manufacturing plant. it is more like a college. Every day, our R&D team grows together and innovates new ways of making clothing, our customers can also get the latest market information and professional technical guidance from us.

7. Top quality
As a first-class wholesale pajamas factory, the high quality of our products is what we are proud of. We make sure that our pajamas reflect the best quality and functionality.

Our wholesale pajamas series select environmentally friendly raw materials and high-quality fabrics. Whether it is cotton or synthetic fibers, we guarantee that the products have excellent comfort, durability, and breathability. These wholesale pajamas have perfect lines and lengths to ensure an ideal silhouette and help you attract shoppers.

8. Stable Supply   
At present, our wholesale pajamas factory has more than 300 skilled workers, mainly engaged in the production and processing of sleepwear and loungewear, with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million pajama sets. that allowed us to make our products more reliable at greater efficiency. Making the price more competitive, Saving 25% of your cost. And ensure delivery to you on time.

9. Environmental friendly
Grace always cares about the environment. We live in Qingdao city, We have a beautiful sea here and we will make sure that we won’t allow anything harmful going out, this is our top priority. Other wholesale pajamas factory out there may not follow these same strict rules, but for Grace, we don’t want to make any Compromises. Grace makes sure that all of our products are free of harmful chemicals we’ve made it crystal clear, Our customers won’t tolerate harmful chemicals and We won’t either.

10. Good partner
looking for an agreeable production partner? Grace fully understands that you have your idea, which may be completely different from the world. The way you perceive the design may be novel, bold, or simple. We provide you with the opportunity to transform the design into reality. The design of the product is made precisely according to your requirements. Our designer team is fully capable of transforming ideas into finished products. We are very happy to help you build your brand. If need more information, please feel free to contact us.

As one of the full-fledged Wholesale Pajama vendors. We can offer a variety of wholesale pajama sets: wholesale Christmas pajamas, wholesale kids pajamas, wholesale womens pajamas, mens kurta pajama wholesale surat, wholesale pajama pants, custom pajama pants wholesale, wholesale children’s sleepwear, sleepwear sets wholesale, sleepwear romper wholesale, wholesale ladies sleepwear, sleepwear wholesale USA, wholesale sleepwear supplier Philippines, and silk pajamas wholesale.

This is a place where ideas become products. We have professional teams from designing to sewing. The thousands of days we have spent in researching and communicating with our customers have produced a great many best-selling products, It has been totally worth it.

Our workers care about our customers, just like we do. They are nice people,  they are so grateful to you for purchasing the products, it helps them and helps their families. and they’re so excited to know that they’re taking part in making wonderful products. and they take pride in every single product they make for you.

This is Grace, We bring warmth, reliability, and development with the products and services we create. Whether you are E-commerce owners, emerging designers, or growing businesses, we are here to meet all your needs.


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