5 key clothing colors of 2022 | Essence Sleepwear

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5 key clothing colors of 2022 | Essence Sleepwear

With the global outbreak of the new crown virus, the world economy has fallen into a period of downturn, and instability will become the norm, which means that more consumers will rethink their values and consumption outlook. Therefore, the global color trend in 2022 will be divided into two major themes: natural colors with vitality and joy and colors that emphasize comfort and stability.

1.Calm green

Green with healing power and calming texture will continue to be popular in the future. The green (17-0210 TCX) with balanced natural attributes is suitable for the development of multi-category clothing due to its cross-season characteristics and caters to the current consumers’ concerns about physical and mental health.

clothing colour green

2. Amber yellow

As a popular color in recent years, yellow will play a key role in the autumn and winter of 2022/2023. Yellow can convey uplifting strength and hope. Amber yellow (13-0942 TCX) with a natural texture makes people more closely related to nature.

clothing colour yellow essence sleepwear

3. Sodalite Blue

Blue, which can show a luxurious texture in a challenging period, is the focus of 2022/2023 autumn and winter. It satisfies the consumer’s demand for luxury. The sodalite blue (19-3953 TCX) with the texture of natural ore is closely connected with the ancient relics. It integrates the past with the future and creates a futuristic style to meet the needs of consumers in the Z era to improve traditional culture.


4. Javanese

The demand for slow fashion continues to increase attention to brown, and the Javanese color (19-1016TCX) with a nostalgic texture is enduring and becomes more prominent in the digital age.


5.Festive Fuchsia

In the context of the digital age, everything must adapt to this environment, and people begin to use virtual digital worlds to escape the anxiety and fear of real life. Festive magenta (19-2434 TCX), as an important color associated with nature and the digital world, still sits at the C position in the autumn and winter of 2022/2023 with its positive and optimistic hue, bringing positive energy and vitality to people.


Moss green

Green, which was very popular in the past few quarters, will still play this important role in 2022 with its natural attributes. The moss green (17-0636) with plant tones emphasizes tranquility and stability, and is especially suitable for women’s clothing, attracting the attention of many conservative consumers.


Restore orange

In the context of challenging times, the vibrant orange (15-1058 TCX) becomes more and more important in the spring and summer of 2022. It can help people invigorate, add energy, and meet consumers’ needs for health and vitality.

Recommendation: Suitable for modern styles, avant-garde colors for resort wear and swimwear.


Midnight blue

Blue has been enduring in various markets and product categories, and the low-key midnight blue (19-4127 TCX) has become one of the five key colors in the spring and summer of 2022, catering to the trend of sustainable development.


Cure yellow

On the premise of preserving warm properties, yellow develops into a softer healing yellow (12-0824 TCX). This color has emerged in luxury women’s clothing and is suitable for casual wear and home wear.


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