12 features of bamboo pajamas – Essence Sleepwear


12 features of bamboo pajamas – Essence Sleepwear

What are the best pajamas? It’s organic bamboo pajamas. of course, I am serious (^_^)

Now with the progress of society, people are paying more and more attention to sustainable development and have a special liking for environmentally friendly products. Bamboo fiber pajamas are environmentally friendly products that stand out under this trend, and they have received eager attention from consumers and investors.

As a new product that has just appeared in recent years, bamboo sleepwear has many benefits and characteristics that are not well known by consumers and business owners. Of course, bamboo sleepwear also has some corresponding shortcomings.

Compared with organic cotton pajamas, what are the advantages and disadvantages of organic bamboo fiber pajamas? Now I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo fiber pajamas one by one.

9 advantages of bamboo pajamas:

  • Antibacterial
  • Deodorize and suppress odor
  • High hygroscopicity
  • Anti-UV
  • Antistatic
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Good drape
bamboo pajamas


There are few birds in the bamboo forest! People discovered this phenomenon a long time ago, and people were very confused, but due to the technological level at that time, the reason was not found.

Now, scientists discovered that there is a component (bamboo quinone) in bamboo. The bacteria have a very low tolerance to this component, and it is difficult to survive and reproduce in an environment with this component. Therefore, bamboo has a very good antibacterial function. It can be inferred from this that if there are no bacteria or few bacteria, the insects lack a food source, and the number of insects in the bamboo forest will be very small. There are few insects, and birds naturally rarely appear in bamboo forests.

It is easy to find that we wipe the body with clean bath towels after bathing in the morning, and there will be a smell when we use bath towels in the afternoon or evening. That is actually the result of the proliferation of bacteria! To this end, we also did a simple experiment: soak cotton cloth, 100% bamboo fiber cloth, and 65% bamboo fiber cloth respectively, and then seal them in a fresh-keeping bag. After five days, the cotton cloth produced a big smell. 65% bamboo fiber fabric has a small smell, while 100% bamboo cloth has almost no smell.

Experts also did a more rigorous experiment, putting E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans on the bamboo fiber.

After 2 hours, the bacteria decreased by 46%,

After 5 hours, the bacteria decreased by 63%,

After 48 hours, the bacteria decreased by 79%,

Therefore, we found that bamboo fiber has very good sterilization, antibacterial and antibacterial functions. Wearing bamboo fiber pajamas and bamboo loungewear has a positive effect on human health.

2. Deodorize and suppress odor

Wearing organic bamboo pajamas and bamboo loungewear will find that the smell on your body is much smaller than that of wearing organic cotton pajamas. Sweat and oil secreted by the body will accelerate the reproduction of bacteria, which in turn produces odor.

Bamboo pajamas have a natural antibacterial function, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and other bacteria, and then achieve the effect of suppressing odor, so we can always be in a relatively fresh environment.

3. High hygroscopicity

In summer, the temperature is very high, we sweat a lot, clothes are easy to stick to the body, and produce uncomfortable feelings. But when we wear bamboo fiber pajamas and bamboo loungewear, this problem will not occur, because bamboo fiber fabric has a strong moisture absorption capacity and good air permeability.

Why do bamboo pajamas have such a good moisture absorption function? This is due to the physical structure of bamboo fibers. Under high-magnification electron microscope observation, the cross-section of bamboo fibers is concave and convex, presenting a highly hollow form, and has a strong capillary effect, which can absorb water in a short time. 

Comparing the moisture absorption and air permeability of all-natural fibers, bamboo fiber fabric is top 1. Under the conditions of 100% humidity and 36.5 degrees Celsius (imitating the surface temperature of the human body), the moisture regain of bamboo fiber fabric exceeds 47%, and the air permeability is 3.6 times stronger than that of pure cotton. Therefore, bamboo fiber fabric is called a breathing fabric.

4. Anti-UV

With the aggravation of environmental pollution, the ozone layer is getting thinner, the ultraviolet radiation is getting stronger and stronger, which puts forward new requirements for the anti-ultraviolet ability of clothes. The UV penetration rate of pure cotton pajamas is 25%, the UV penetration rate of organic bamboo pajamas is only 0.6%, and the UV resistance of bamboo pajamas is 41.6 times that of organic cotton pajamas.

5. Antistatic

The static electricity of clothes will produce a potential difference on the human body surface, causing electric shock. This can lead to hyperpigmentation, skin pruritus, difficulty breathing, coughing, and some can even induce premature beats. The harm is even more serious for people with sensitive skin.

The static electricity of clothes is mostly generated by friction, and the bamboo fiber pajamas are very soft, which greatly reduces the friction of the clothes, and the bamboo fiber has no free charge. The static electricity generated by the bamboo fiber pajamas is far less than that of Pajamas made of other materials.

6. Easy to clean

Bamboo fiber fabric has undergone de-sugar, degreasing, and deproteinization processes during the production process, which can effectively prevent stains from remaining on bamboo cloth, so bamboo sleepwear is also very easy to clean.

7. Comfortable

Bamboo pajamas are skin-friendly and soft, and the moisture absorption and breathability of bamboo fiber fabric are far superior to traditional fabrics such as pure cotton. Pajamas made from it are also called “human second skin.

8. Environmental friendly

Bamboo has a short growth cycle, it can produce 3 feet in one night, and it can be used as raw material after 2-3 years of growth. Bamboo is a renewable plant that can be reused as long as it is planted once. It can replace resources such as cotton and wood for sustainable use. In addition, less water and pesticides are used in the bamboo growth process, and the pollution to the environment is small. bamboo pajamas can be degraded naturally in the soil, so bamboo fiber is a green and environmentally friendly textile material.

9. Good drape

Bamboo fiber pajamas are easy to dye, have good drape, are stylish, elegant, and have a natural attribute. Bamboo pajamas are currently very popular in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Essence sleepwear, as one of the largest bamboo sleepwear manufacturers in China, manufactures all kinds of sleepwear and sells them all over the world.

3 disadvantages of bamboo fiber pajamas:

  • High production barriers
  • Low color fastness
  • Low abrasion resistance
disadvanta bamboo fiber pajamas

1. High production barriers

Unlike cotton, bamboo has herbal properties, the process of extracting fiber is also more complicated, and the technical requirements are higher. If closed-loop production technology is not used in the bamboo fiber extraction process, it will cause a certain degree of pollution. Therefore, factories are required to have sufficient environmental awareness and production technology.

2. Low color fastness

In order to maintain their natural and environmentally friendly characteristics, bamboo fiber fabrics use plant dyes that are not as fast as chemical dyes. Therefore, the color will fade in the first washing. The stronger the color, the more serious the fading. But it will not affect the utility and function, no worry to use it!

3. Low abrasion resistance

100% organic bamboo pajamas have a big disadvantage: fragility. Pure bamboo fiber products are easy to be damaged and cannot be twisted forcefully. The strength of the bamboo fiber is not as good as that of cotton. The higher the content of bamboo fiber, the more comfortable it is, but the lower the strength. Therefore, 100% bamboo fiber has lower strength than pure cotton and has a shorter service life than pure cotton.

Tips: When cleaning the 100% bamboo pajama set, do not rub it hard, wring it out vigorously, or soak it in water for a long time. Put in the appropriate amount of detergent to avoid exposure to the sun.

Therefore, in order to improve the strength of the bamboo pyjama set, blending methods are generally used. The bamboo pyjama set produced by Essence sleepwear is composed of 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex, which not only retains the advantages of bamboo fiber but also improves the elasticity and strength of the product. Essence can also customize the ratio of the bamboo fiber to other fibers according to customer requirements.

Let's summarize the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo pajamas and organic cotton pajamas.

Organic Bamboo Pajamas:

Advantages: Antibacterial, Deodorize and suppress odor,High hygroscopicity,Anti-UV,Antistatic, Easy to clean,Comfortable,Environmental friendly,Good drape.

Disadvantages: High production barriers, Low colorfastness, Low abrasion resistance

Organic Cotton Pajamas:

Advantages: good moisture absorption, good warmth retention, breathable, heat-resistant, alkali-resistant, soft, anti-allergic, anti-static.

Disadvantages: fades,bleends,wrinkles,shrinks.

organic cbamboo pajamas and organic cotton pajamas

Compared with pure cotton, bamboo fiber is stronger in antibacterial, anti-odor, moisture absorption, and comfort. Pure cotton has better warmth, durability, and is cheaper.

We can choose different products according to the different characteristics of these two fabrics. Products with high requirements for antibacterial, odor resistance, breathability, and moisture absorption, and low wear resistance requirements, we can choose the bamboo fiber, such as pajamas, loungewear, underwear, bathrobes, etc. For products that require high warmth, durability, and are not afraid of shrinking and deformation, we can choose pure cotton, such as warm clothes, jackets, bedding, etc.

No material is perfect in the world. Different fabrics have different advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, we must be clear about the effect we want to achieve to choose a relatively suitable fabric.

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